Kingpin’s Hideaway Ladypin Pin Up for July – Ms. Bridgette Jean!

The next in our series of pin ups in tribute to Alberto Vargas we present July’s Kingpin’s Hideaway’s Ladypin Pin up – Bridgette Jean! Ms. July is clad in vintage velvet, wearing a mid-century oxblood velvet smoking cap and a Victorian oxblood velvet smoking jacket. She is holding a vintage briar bowl pipe with bakeliteContinue reading “Kingpin’s Hideaway Ladypin Pin Up for July – Ms. Bridgette Jean!”

Gentlemen’s Cravats – The Bow Tie: A Brief History

The innovation of the cravat allowed for it to develop into several variations of gentlemens neck ties that became distinct types of cravats over time. One of the most familiar is the bow tie. This stylized cravat has come to define a gentleman in every aspect and is, perhaps, the single piece of apparel thatContinue reading “Gentlemen’s Cravats – The Bow Tie: A Brief History”