The Elegant Lady from the Kingpin’s Hideaway

The Elegant Lady is looking to reward dapper gents for their first trip to Kingpin’s Hideaway. You may spot her approaching well-dressed gentlemen in downtown Toronto along King Street near John Street, or along Peter Street near Wellington. Rewards for the lucky few: a personal invitation to visit the Hideaway with their own introduction card.Continue reading “The Elegant Lady from the Kingpin’s Hideaway”

Kingpin’s Hideaway Membership Cards Have Arrived

The new Kingpin’s Hideaway Membership cards are in; gentlemen are invited to stop by the shop and have their measurements taken. All members enjoy knowing their requirements for looking their best are on file and special selected clothes with be selected and set aside for them before appointment arrival. Related articles Edwardian Sterling Silver PillContinue reading “Kingpin’s Hideaway Membership Cards Have Arrived”

Edwardian Sterling Silver Pill Locket / Fob / Box – 1916

view full image This item is an Edwardian sterling silver pill-box / fob / locket made in Birmingham, England in 1916. The silver hallmarks are clean and easy to read. They show the company Crisford & Norris made the item. This is just the kind of pill-box that would be found in Downton Abbey.