Gentlemens Shoes 101 – The Slip-on

The slip-on, or the loafer, is an innovation in gentlemens shoes from ’30s Norway. They are a laceless shoe that is based on the basic moccasin construction. Originally worn by Norwegian farmers, the slip-on was promoted in the United States by shoemakers, including Maine bootmaker G.H. Bass, who sold them as ‘Weejuns’ adding the distinctiveContinue reading “Gentlemens Shoes 101 – The Slip-on”

Tim Little and Gentlemens Shoes

If there is one area a gentleman looks to splash out is it his footwear. This is not news, yet I find it a revelation to many men when I first bring the subject up. Your footwear, whether you like it or not, speaks volumes about who you are, or at least how people perceiveContinue reading “Tim Little and Gentlemens Shoes”