Style Site of Note – Put This On

This style site is of particular note as it accompanies a decent web series about, well in their own words, “…dressing like a grownup.” I like the weave of their tweed. Put This On shares the Kingpin attitude towards dressing and the male wardrobe and it is clear that neither of the hosts,  Jesse ThornContinue reading “Style Site of Note – Put This On”

Collars – Not Just for Hiding Bite Marks

This shot of a gent in a club collar from the Sartorialist demonstrates how the cut of a collar can project an entirely different presence for a gentleman. the simple choice of a different collar can breath new life into a gentleman’s wardrobe. Related articles Do You Guys Even Know What Kind of Collar YourContinue reading “Collars – Not Just for Hiding Bite Marks”

Photoblog Feature – Toronto Verve

Nigel Hamid’s fantastic take on the Sartorialist’s format is a refreshing addition to the Toronto stylescape. His photos let us know that not all men in Toronto dress like baggy pants toddlers, but like the gentlemen they are. Enjoy these samples! Classic! Playful! Snazzy! Hey, he looks familiar…