Kingpin’s Hideaway Is Moving to a New Location!

kingpin's hideaway moving to 71 duncan street

Loaded up and ready to move to 71 Duncan Street

That’s right! Kingpin’s Hideaway is moving from the current Mercer Street location to a larger space at Queen Street West and Duncan Street in the heart of Toronto! The new location will be opening in the last weeks of February, first weeks of March at:

71 Duncan Street, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1Z4.

Stay tuned for updates!

Store of Note – The Hatter, Toronto

Without a doubt a good hat is worth proper care. Assuming you’ve matured from wearing a baseball cap (unless you are a baseball player or S.W.A.T. team member and must wear them for work purposes) and you have graduated from the mass-produced, vacuum formed fedoras, you posses at least one proper felt hat. This may include a fedora, a Homburg or Trilby. Congratulations! A proper hat is mandatory for a gentleman if he is intent on attaining the social status he so richly deserves. How else can you tip your hat in salutation if you are not wearing one?

Cartoon Boys Tip Hat to Cute Cartoon Girl

It's Never to Early to Practice Proper Hat Etiquette

I will go into more depth on the various types of head wear available to a gentleman of style in future posts. I will also be sure to detail the care instructions and routine a gentleman should perfect to maintain his hats. I would like to point out the one full service  hat cleaner in Toronto, and possibly all of Canada, to you so you may keep, or restore, your hat(s) to their former glory – The Hatter.

The Hatter - Full Gentlemens Hat Service in Toronto

The Hatter - Full Gentlemens Hat Service in Toronto

The Hatter, at 1794 Avenue Road in Toronto, not only offers special cleaning of mens hats, they also have a very extensive collection of wood hat blocks. It is their ability to re-block your hat that sets The Hatter apart from any other mens hat store I’ve encountered in Canada. George Catleugh started the company when he was only 15, a way back in 1936. The store is still a family operation, now run by his first-born son, George Catleugh Jr.

Inside The Hatter, Toronto

Inside The Hatter, Toronto

Their cleaning and blocking service is well worth the $15 to $30 expense, but be fore-warned! The wide selection of hats they have in stock is bound to catch your eye while you drop off your chapeau and it will require all of your will power to resist purchasing at least one of them. Your best bet is to bring along a few dollars and expand your hat wardrobe.