Outfit of the Day – June 8

view full image Saturday’s outfit – white cotton button-down shirt with navy pinstripes, silk neck tie with oxblood houndstooth, slate grey wool waistcoat, olive with navy houndstooth wool jacket and oxblood silk pocketsquare. Related articles Outfit of the Day – May 29 (kingpinchic.com) Houndstooth (addcsummer2013.wordpress.com) Style Blog ‘life in the m lane’ Visits the Kingpin’sContinue reading “Outfit of the Day – June 8”

Outfit of the Day – May 29

view full image Wednesday’s outfit – white cotton button-down shirt, teal and khaki striped tweed wool neck tie, slate grey wool waistcoat, teal wool jacket and white linen pocket square – (taken at Sunnybrook Sports Fields) Related articles Edwardian Sterling Silver Pill Locket / Fob / Box – 1916 (kingpinchic.com)  

Gentlemen’s Cravats – The Necktie: A Brief History

Help Kingpin be named the sharpest man in Canada by voting here!! The story of the necktie that has come to dominate gentleman’s neck wear begins with the popularity of the cravat in the 19th century. In the late Victorian period the industrial revolution came into full production. There was a great need for moreContinue reading “Gentlemen’s Cravats – The Necktie: A Brief History”

Gentlemen’s Cravats – The Bow Tie: A Brief History

The innovation of the cravat allowed for it to develop into several variations of gentlemens neck ties that became distinct types of cravats over time. One of the most familiar is the bow tie. This stylized cravat has come to define a gentleman in every aspect and is, perhaps, the single piece of apparel thatContinue reading “Gentlemen’s Cravats – The Bow Tie: A Brief History”

Gentlemen’s Cravats – A Brief History

Before the modern necktie there was a period in mens fashion where we wore ruffs around our collars. These were all the fashion for men (and women) of distinction from the mid-sixteenth century to the mid-seventeenth century. It took introducing a neck cloth used by Croatian soldiers to get us to where we are today.Continue reading “Gentlemen’s Cravats – A Brief History”