Kingpin’s Hideaway Ladypin Pin Up for February – The Queenpin

Love should never be confined to just one day, or one month and Kingpin’s Ms. February is letting us know in our newest pin up tribute to Alberto Vargas . Kingpin’s Hideaway is proud to present the Ladypin pin up for January – The Queenpin!

Vargas Style Pin Up - Kingpin's Ladypins - February - What am I wearing? Let me paint you a picture...

What am I wearing? Let me paint you a picture…

The Queenpin now graces the Kingpin’s Hideaway Queen Street West window display. She is modeling a vintage pair of new old stock 1950s mauve stockings, cheetah skin open toe mules and a Western Electric Model 302 telephone.

Photograph by Jennifer Toole

Hair by Amber Fairlie

Make-up by Bronwen Weiderick