Outfit of the Day – June 8

view full image Saturday’s outfit – white cotton button-down shirt with navy pinstripes, silk neck tie with oxblood houndstooth, slate grey wool waistcoat, olive with navy houndstooth wool jacket and oxblood silk pocketsquare. Related articles Outfit of the Day – May 29 (kingpinchic.com) Houndstooth (addcsummer2013.wordpress.com) Style Blog ‘life in the m lane’ Visits the Kingpin’sContinue reading “Outfit of the Day – June 8”

Outfit of the Day – June 6

view full image Thursday’s outfit – light pink cotton twill button-down shirt, hand-painted polished silk tie with peacock on red background, slate grey wool waistcoat, red houndstooth wool jacket, bronze Victorian Piccadilly Square lapel pin and a patterned silk pocketsquare. Related articles Houndstooth (allthingsfabulousblog.com) Outfit of the Day – June 6 (kingpinchic.com) London: the originalContinue reading “Outfit of the Day – June 6”