Hello, Again!

We’ve been away for too long, but now we’re back!

The new location for Kingpin’s Hideaway has been opened and is getting lots of notice!


Opening Launch Party for Kingpin’s Hideaway

The The Hogtown Rake wrote about our Grand Opening Launch Party  and also listed the shop in their post on Men’s vintage clothing in Toronto!


I Am Dandy portrait of Jonathan Hagey by Rose Callahan

We also made it into the covetous Dandy Portraits blog by Rose Callahan and also her I Am Dandy book signing in Toronto at the elegant men’s shoe store Lodings Shoe Store.


The Queenpin and Kingpin at the I am Dandy book party

And there’s more, but let’s save it for the next post. I promise it will be sooner than this last one – much sooner!


Toronto School For Gentlemen Now Open – Enroll Now!

How to Assemble an Outfit 101 - The Toronto School for Gentlemen

How to Assemble an Outfit 101 – The Toronto School for Gentlemen

The Toronto School for Gentlemen is an ongoing series of workshops on the art of living an elegant life, focusing on skills in dress, hygiene, etiquette, entertaining, conversation and more. In other words, a 21st century finishing school for men.

Our first session takes place Monday, September 30 at 8pm. “How to assemble an outfit” is intended for those men beginning their journey to building a wardrobe and will focus on the whys and hows of dressing well, including a dissection of the elements of an outfit, the rules of dress and long-term strategies for building a wardrobe. The session is priced at an affordable $25.

Your instructors are Jonathan Hagey, proprietor of Kingpin’s Hideaway and head writer of Kingpin Chic, a blog about gentlemen’s style, and Pedro Mendes, writer and broadcaster at CBC Radio specializing in men’s issues and menswear.

Learn how to Build an Outfit and Dress Like a Grownup

Learn how to Build an Outfit and Dress Like a Grownup

You may enroll in the first class by clicking this link; it is as easy as that!

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Kingpin’s Hideaway Ladypin Pin Up for July – Ms. Bridgette Jean!

The next in our series of pin ups in tribute to Alberto Vargas we present July’s Kingpin’s Hideaway’s Ladypin Pin up – Bridgette Jean!

Ms July Ladypin Pin Up for Kingpin's Hideaway

“Darling, it’s too big to stick that in my pipe…”

Ms. July is clad in vintage velvet, wearing a mid-century oxblood velvet smoking cap and a Victorian oxblood velvet smoking jacket. She is holding a vintage briar bowl pipe with bakelite stem. Needless to say, Bridgette is smokin’.

Ms. June now graces the Kingpin’s Hideaway Queen Street West window display.

Photograph by Jennifer Toole – Hair by Amber Fairlie – Make-up by Bronwen Weiderick

Kingpin’s Hideaway on the Ballot for Best Vintage Clothing Store In Toronto

Kingpin’s Hideaway is now on the ballot for consideration as the both the Best Men’s Clothing Store in Toronto and the Best Vintage Clothing Store in Toronto! It is, of course, a great honour to even be put on the ballot and doubly special as men’s vintage often gets short shrift in the fashion and clothing world. If you are a customer of Kingpin’s Hideaway, or just a fan of gentlemens vintage clothing, please consider voting for us!

Vote for Best Vintage Clothing Store in Toronto

Vote for Best Vintage Clothing Store in Toronto

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Please vote for Kingpin’s Hideaway!


Style Blog ‘life in the m lane’ Visits the Kingpin’s Hideaway

Anne Caver sports a vintage silk Dolce and Gabbana blouse she found at Kingpin's Hideaway in Toronto

Anne Caver sports a vintage silk Dolce and Gabbana blouse she found at Kingpin’s Hideaway in Toronto

Last fall Anne Caver of the blog life in the m lane dropped by the Kingpin’s Hideaway pop-up shop on Queen Street West in Toronto and wrote a fetching article about the experience – kingpin’s hideaway : where the vintage goes to play. The author even used one of the blouses she picked up, a silk Dolce & Gabbana blouse, in a feature fashion shoot and article Icon: Anne Caver in the blog à la mode [adj: fusion of effects] . Here’s a little nugget of Caver’s elegant prose:

Hidden in the underground “backstage” of vintage shop Cabaret, Kingpin‘s pop-up shop is every man’s best friend. Lustful for the days of smoking jackets and pipes? You’re covered. Wishing a perfect suit could be easily found with shirt options to spare? You’re covered. Dreaming of that perfect bowler or fedora to top it off? You’re covered. From suits to shoes and all the fixins, you’re covered.

Being well received is always satisfying!