Gentlemen’s Fabrics 101 – Cotton

Cotton fibre is much more than the fluff that allows the seeds to disperse from the plant genus Gossypium; it is the most useful plant material humans have had for the past 8 000 years (that we can’t eat). Both the New and Old worlds separately learned to cultivate wild cotton shrubs and take theContinue reading “Gentlemen’s Fabrics 101 – Cotton”

Gentlemen’s Fabrics 101 – Why Natural Fibres, You Ask?

A gentleman should make ever effort to banish man-made fibres from his wardrobe. Besides the higher carbon footprint artificial fabrics create and that they bolster the dependence on fossil fuels (for that is where they come from) they simply do not let your skin breathe. They promote healthier skin and, perhaps most important, they keepContinue reading “Gentlemen’s Fabrics 101 – Why Natural Fibres, You Ask?”