Detail of the Day – Twilled Cotton in Pink from Button-down Shirt

view full image This is the detail of a twill weave of cotton from a pink button-down shirt. Related articles Waistcoat Wednesday: Universal Works, almost universal approval ( Meet the British Fashion Council’s hottest new menswear designers ( The Button Up Shirt ( Outfit of the Day – May 29 (  

Tartan Comes to the Hideaway – Getting Ready for Robbie Burns Suppers

Robbie Burns Suppers are held in late January to celebrate the best of Scottish culture as exemplified in the writings of Robert ‘Robbie’ Burns. To help the proper gentleman get in the spirit Kingpin’s Hideaway has tartaned up the place! Related articles Kingpin’s Hideaway Receives Notable Mention ( Kingpin’s Hideaway and All the Queen’s MenContinue reading “Tartan Comes to the Hideaway – Getting Ready for Robbie Burns Suppers”

Gentlemen’s Fabrics 101 – Wool

Wool is the earliest fabric Europeans clothed themselves with. It is a natural fibre that is collected from domesticated sheep and goats, as well as other animals. For our purposes here, wool includes the hairs sheared, plucked or gathered from various animals. A short survey of the animals that supply wool and the names givenContinue reading “Gentlemen’s Fabrics 101 – Wool”

Gentlemen’s Fabrics 101 – Linen

Just as ancient China lays claim to the production of silk, ancient Egypt brought the world linen. Linen is the fabric made from the fibre of the plant flax, Linum usitatissimum. Egyptians are recorded as having linen production as far back as 4 000 years and archeologists have discovered linen fragments near human encampments fromContinue reading “Gentlemen’s Fabrics 101 – Linen”

Gentlemen’s Fabrics 101 – Cotton

Cotton fibre is much more than the fluff that allows the seeds to disperse from the plant genus Gossypium; it is the most useful plant material humans have had for the past 8 000 years (that we can’t eat). Both the New and Old worlds separately learned to cultivate wild cotton shrubs and take theContinue reading “Gentlemen’s Fabrics 101 – Cotton”