Kingpin Setting Trends at Toronto Fashion Week

That’s me on the right!! I’m as shocked as anyone being  featured in a recent Toronto Life article naming current fashion trends in Toronto. I will take the nod of being well presented and for being patriotic! Related articles Kingpin Chic at Kingpin Chic Vintage Mens Clothing at Wychwood Barns Gadsden’s Toronto Vintage Clothing Show ( reading “Kingpin Setting Trends at Toronto Fashion Week”

Gentlemens Boots – The Chelsea

While the Chelsea boot looks modern it actual dates from Victorian era riding boots and is British in its design origin. According to Underground, the English Punk footwear maker, The distinguishing features of the boots are the elasticated side panels, or gussets, in place of laces or other fastenings. This was a very innovative designContinue reading “Gentlemens Boots – The Chelsea”

Style Site of Note – Put This On

This style site is of particular note as it accompanies a decent web series about, well in their own words, “…dressing like a grownup.” I like the weave of their tweed. Put This On shares the Kingpin attitude towards dressing and the male wardrobe and it is clear that neither of the hosts,  Jesse ThornContinue reading “Style Site of Note – Put This On”

Gentlemen’s Fabrics 101 – Silks

Silk – the word itself mimics the fabric it names as you say it flowing softly through your lips only catching slightly at the end. Silk comes from the harvested cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry tree moth, Bombyx mori, and in domesticated fashion on silk farms in a practice called sericulture. Bombyx moriContinue reading “Gentlemen’s Fabrics 101 – Silks”

Gentlemens Shoes 101 – The Monk

Ah, yes, the stylish buckle bound Monk, the gentlemens shoe with a dash of sass. The range of design flare that the Monk creates makes it a more formal than the Derby, yet less formal (and some say stuffy) than the Oxford. Rooted in the footwear of actual European monks, the style does not useContinue reading “Gentlemens Shoes 101 – The Monk”