Toronto School For Gentlemen Now Open – Enroll Now!

The Toronto School for Gentlemen is an ongoing series of workshops on the art of living an elegant life, focusing on skills in dress, hygiene, etiquette, entertaining, conversation and more. In other words, a 21st century finishing school for men. Our first session takes place Monday, September 30 at 8pm. “How to assemble an outfit”Continue reading “Toronto School For Gentlemen Now Open – Enroll Now!”

Outfit of the Day – July 10

view full image A light pink twilled cotton button-down shirt with a red and black acetate neck tie under a dove grey linen waistcoat, with a patchwork check wool jacket over and an inserted patterned red silk pocket square. Related articles Outfit of the Day – June 6 ( Outfit of the Day – JuneContinue reading “Outfit of the Day – July 10”

The Suit 101 – Blazer, Jacket, Tunic, and Coat Explained

It is clear why confusion plagues so many men about how they should dress when the basic nomenclature employed is consistently misused and abused. The terms ‘jacket’, ‘coat’, and ‘blazer‘ are often used interchangeably. While I enjoy the casual nature of modern life and the greater equality it affords us this laziness in language reducesContinue reading “The Suit 101 – Blazer, Jacket, Tunic, and Coat Explained”

Insight from The Crazy Truth and Ryan Gosling in a Well-Tailored Suit

The aphorism has become a staple in modern philosophy and the tumblr The Crazy Truth continues this tradition by mashing up pithy insights on relationships with images reflecting the aphorism’s meaning. Interspersed among these ‘aphorimages’ is an advice column. While this site does target women about relationships, several of the posts are equally valuable toContinue reading “Insight from The Crazy Truth and Ryan Gosling in a Well-Tailored Suit”

Handkerchiefs 101 – The Pocket Square

Most likely invented by Richard II, the last Plantagenet King of England, the handkerchief has become one of the ‘must haves’ for any fully dressed gentleman. Also called a pocket square, the handkerchief started as a small, thin piece of cloth hemmed at the edges and carried on the person to use for all manyContinue reading “Handkerchiefs 101 – The Pocket Square”