Style Blog ‘life in the m lane’ Visits the Kingpin’s Hideaway

Anne Caver sports a vintage silk Dolce and Gabbana blouse she found at Kingpin's Hideaway in Toronto

Anne Caver sports a vintage silk Dolce and Gabbana blouse she found at Kingpin’s Hideaway in Toronto

Last fall Anne Caver of the blog life in the m lane dropped by the Kingpin’s Hideaway pop-up shop on Queen Street West in Toronto and wrote a fetching article about the experience – kingpin’s hideaway : where the vintage goes to play. The author even used one of the blouses she picked up, a silk Dolce & Gabbana blouse, in a feature fashion shoot and article Icon: Anne Caver in the blog à la mode [adj: fusion of effects] . Here’s a little nugget of Caver’s elegant prose:

Hidden in the underground “backstage” of vintage shop Cabaret, Kingpin‘s pop-up shop is every man’s best friend. Lustful for the days of smoking jackets and pipes? You’re covered. Wishing a perfect suit could be easily found with shirt options to spare? You’re covered. Dreaming of that perfect bowler or fedora to top it off? You’re covered. From suits to shoes and all the fixins, you’re covered.

Being well received is always satisfying!


Fitzgerald, DiCaprio and Luhrmann – The Great Gatsby is Coming! (In 3D!!)

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Few film events excite the sartorially inclined for reasons solely of style and clothing. But when they do… Bammo!

The buzz about Baz Luhrmann‘s 3D film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s The Great Gatsby has been steadily growing among the dandy set since the project was announced and is expected to only grow until it’s release. Starring as the titular Gatsby is Leonardo DiCaprio, along side Carey MulliganIsla Fisher and Tobey Maguire among others.

American Dandy, Author and Poster Boy for the Lost Generation - F. Scott Fitzgerald

American Dandy, Author and Poster Boy for the Lost Generation – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald’s story is many things, and in Luhrmann’s lush, ocular hands, is expected to be the style experience of the season. The few photos from the production that have been released teasingly promise a treasure trove of well dressed gentlemen in fine dandy style.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby Looking Sharp as He Walks Past a Duesenberg

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby Looking Sharp as He Walks Past a Duesenberg

There is also a full length trailer that is even more alluring, much like the stories of Fitzgerald himself.

And keep in mind you’ll be able to experience all this gentlemen dress and style in 3D. I’m off to mix a batch of mint juleps in anticipation! I suspect the only thing that could make this movie even more amazing would be a surprise cameo by Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling as Imagined in a Surprise Cameo in The Great Gatsby

Ryan Gosling as Imagined in a Surprise Cameo in The Great Gatsby

Kingpin’s Hideaway: Dress Like a Man, It’s Better – Sociéte Perrier Review

Societe Perrier Review of Kingpin's Hideaway Mens Fashion

Societe Perrier Reviews Kingpin's Hideaway and the New Look for Mens Fashion

It’s not about dressing like Draper (as in Don, y’know?) It’s about being dapper. Accoutrements are key, and being noticed by means of standing out as opposed to sticking out is where this rising trend is heading.

So says Adam Mazerall’s latest article for Sociéte Perrier, an online guide to “the global enthusiast’s source for engaging content and great events. Curating the best in nightlife, art, music, fashion, travel, mixology and cocktail culture.” Mazerall describes the intention of the Hideaway very well,

For Hagey, dressing the kingpin way is about confidence, masculinity, and conscientious dressing. Kingpin attire is essentially gentlemenswear taken to the next level. Sure, you have your suit, your shoes, your overcoat, but what can you do with a fanciful tie, or a vintage shirt whose pattern can seem otherworldly in today’s GQ-styled world, or a set of cufflinks that hearken back to the ‘20s, or a pair of shoes that conjure thoughts of Prohibition era…? This is where the kingpin is born. Having a sort of mise en place philosophy to one’s wardrobe.

The full article may be found here:

Kingpin’s Hideaway: Dress Like a Man, It’s Better

Vintage-style Pinup Peek-a-boo Ties at Kingpin's Hideaway

Vintage-style Pin-up Peek-a-boo Ties at Kingpin's Hideaway

Kingpin’s Hideaway Receives Notable Mention

The pop-up haberdashery Kingpin’s Hideaway is mentioned on Notable .ca as being notable on the Toronto scene. You may read the brief props here. prides itself on delivering the best in urban pleasures for the, “Young. Professional. Connected.” crowd, as their mantra goes.

Thank-you, Notable, for the mention.

Kingpin’s Hideaway and All the Queen’s Men – Toronto Star Review

British-styled Menswear in Toronto

British-styled Menswear in Toronto

The Toronto Star honoured Kingpin’s Hideaway this past week by being included among the august body of upscale menswear stores found in the West Queen West  art and design district in Toronto, Ontario. The article, by Derick Chetty, outlined the rise and concentration of British-styled menswear shops,

“It’s unlike any other city I’ve been – not even in Paris or London have I seen such a growth of men’s shops in one area,” says Sydney Mamane, who opened his eponymous store – and one of the first men’s stores on the block – six years ago.

As for reasons for the growth of testosterone retailing in this neighbourhood, it’s anyone’s guess. Mamane theorizes perhaps the women’s market is crowded and highly competitive, and menswear appears to be untapped.

In the celebrated vintage store CabaretAndre 3000 and David Arquette have paid visits – there is a pop-up shop [Kingpin’s Hideaway] dedicated exclusively to vintage menswear or “gentleman’s wear” as curator Jonathan Hagey likes to call it.

Kingpin's Hideaway Makes the Toronto Star

Kingpin's Hideaway Makes the Toronto Star

The article appeared on the front page of the Life section of the paper (not too shabby) and I’ve included an image of the intro as well.

The full article online is in the pay-for-use section of the Star, so I’ve posted a PDF of the entire print version:

All The Queens Men Article in the Toronto Star