The Macaroni, The Dandy and Gender Identity

A short explanation before we get started: the term macaroni used in this article is not referring to the Italian pasta, but is related to it. Macaroni, when used in mens fashions, refers to a mid-18th century trend where young men started dressing in the most epicene (androgynous, effeminate) and affected style. They were theContinue reading “The Macaroni, The Dandy and Gender Identity”

The Spirituality of Dress and The Dandy

Our clothes are too much a part of us for most of us ever to be entirely indifferent to their condition:  it is as though the fabric were indeed a natural extension of the body, or even of the soul.  ~Quentin Bell It is easy for us to limit clothing and dress to a rudimentaryContinue reading “The Spirituality of Dress and The Dandy”

Victrolacore – Satirical Music for the Sartorial Gentleman

A musical phenomenon of interest to the Kingpin gentleman is one that is emerging from genres being called ‘chap hop‘, ‘modern burlesque’, ‘steampunk‘, even ‘industrial hip-hop opera‘ all of which I put under the broader category of what I have termed Victrolacore. You heard it here first! The key elements of this branch of theContinue reading “Victrolacore – Satirical Music for the Sartorial Gentleman”

Style Site of Note – The Chap

It was a lovely surprise to find The Chap, online! Dedicated to defining the modern gentleman in a cheeky style this magazine is published in hard copy bi-monthly. There online presence is a wonderful treat, as it is hard to find on the newsstand here in Canada! The online version is full of good adviceContinue reading “Style Site of Note – The Chap”

Style Site of Note – The Worker-Dandyist International

For A Working Class With Class So goes the motto of the style site The Worker-Dandyist International, a blog devoted to, “…define our Dandyism, in essence, as simply making as much of an effort as possible with the limited resources available.  An effort in sartorial flair and individuality, an effort in civility, social responsibility andContinue reading “Style Site of Note – The Worker-Dandyist International”