Outfit of the Day – June 6

view full image Thursday’s outfit – light pink cotton twill button-down shirt, hand-painted polished silk tie with peacock on red background, slate grey wool waistcoat, red houndstooth wool jacket, bronze Victorian Piccadilly Square lapel pin and a patterned silk pocketsquare. Related articles Houndstooth (allthingsfabulousblog.com) Outfit of the Day – June 6 (kingpinchic.com) London: the originalContinue reading “Outfit of the Day – June 6”

Outfit of the Day – June 4

view full image “Tuesday’s outfit – white cotton button-down shirt with tight navy chalklines, olive green silk necktie with azure diamond pattern, slate grey wool waistcoat, tight blue check wool jacket and oxblood silk pocketsquare. Related articles Outfit of the Day – June 8 (kingpinchic.com) Waistcoat Wednesday: Sir Plus, if you like your cabbage up-cycledContinue reading “Outfit of the Day – June 4”

Outfit of the Day – May 29

view full image Wednesday’s outfit – white cotton button-down shirt, teal and khaki striped tweed wool neck tie, slate grey wool waistcoat, teal wool jacket and white linen pocket square – (taken at Sunnybrook Sports Fields) Related articles Edwardian Sterling Silver Pill Locket / Fob / Box – 1916 (kingpinchic.com)  

Edwardian Sterling Silver Pill Locket / Fob / Box – 1916

view full image This item is an Edwardian sterling silver pill-box / fob / locket made in Birmingham, England in 1916. The silver hallmarks are clean and easy to read. They show the company Crisford & Norris made the item. This is just the kind of pill-box that would be found in Downton Abbey.

Summer in Vintage Style

view full image Blue tint Victorian sunglasses with an Edwardian straw boater. Summer has arrived! Related articles Edwardian Sterling Silver Pill Locket / Fob / Box – 1916 (kingpinchic.com) Straw Boater (sheworeribbon.wordpress.com) What is Vintage? Retro and Vintage Weddings by Rebecca Hanmer (dottyvintageweddings.co.uk)