Style Blog ‘life in the m lane’ Visits the Kingpin’s Hideaway

Anne Caver sports a vintage silk Dolce and Gabbana blouse she found at Kingpin's Hideaway in Toronto

Anne Caver sports a vintage silk Dolce and Gabbana blouse she found at Kingpin’s Hideaway in Toronto

Last fall Anne Caver of the blog life in the m lane dropped by the Kingpin’s Hideaway pop-up shop on Queen Street West in Toronto and wrote a fetching article about the experience – kingpin’s hideaway : where the vintage goes to play. The author even used one of the blouses she picked up, a silk Dolce & Gabbana blouse, in a feature fashion shoot and article Icon: Anne Caver in the blog à la mode [adj: fusion of effects] . Here’s a little nugget of Caver’s elegant prose:

Hidden in the underground “backstage” of vintage shop Cabaret, Kingpin‘s pop-up shop is every man’s best friend. Lustful for the days of smoking jackets and pipes? You’re covered. Wishing a perfect suit could be easily found with shirt options to spare? You’re covered. Dreaming of that perfect bowler or fedora to top it off? You’re covered. From suits to shoes and all the fixins, you’re covered.

Being well received is always satisfying!


Vintage Clothing Show – Gadsden’s at Wychwood Barns in Toronto April 14

Canadian Military Dress Uniform

Canadian Military Dress Uniform will be at the Toronto Gadsden’s Vintage Clothing Show

Kingpin’s Hideaway is a vendor at Gadsden’s Toronto Vintage Clothing Show on Sunday April 14, 2013, where there will be more than 30 top Ontario and Quebec dealers in vintage fashion and textiles.

The show is a highly successful and much-anticipated event on the Toronto vintage fashion scene. This show is all about great vintage clothing, jewellery and fashion accessories, as well as old textiles, linens, fabrics and quilts, including the Canadian military dress uniform pictured above.

Shoes 201 – Shoe Care – Suede Shoes

This is an excellent video and article by videojug about the proper care, cleaning and revival of suede leather shoes. Peter Schweiger,  the 5th generation owner of the British bespoke shoemakers James Taylor & Son, , demonstrates the techniques.

How To Clean Suede Shoes

How to Clean and Care For Suede Shoes - Video

How to Clean and Care For Suede Shoes – Video

Step 1: You will need:

  • 1 suede protector spray
  • 1 suede cleaning brush
  • 1 small knife
  • 1 nail brush
  • 1 sponge
  • 1 shoe tree/ white tissue paper
  • 1 crepe rubber/ pencil eraser

Step 2: Introduction

Suede is a kind of leather with a soft raised surface called a ‘nap’. It can spoil more easily than leather so needs a special level of care. It makes sense to always spray new shoes with a protecting spray.

Step 3: Protection spray

These sprays can be bought from footwear shops, and will protect your shoes from the water damage and staining. Before applying the spray, lightly brush your shoes to remove any dust or dirt. Always brush in the same direction to lift the nap. Make sure you follow the manufactures instructions on the side of the aerosol can. Shake well, spray away from your face, and as with all aerosols, only use in a well ventilated area.

Step 4: Scuff marks

Even with a protection spray, shiny marks can still appear if you scuff suede shoes, flattening down their surface. Restore by brushing back and forth with a suede brush. If the shoes are very worn, scrape with a sharp knife to lift the nap.

If your suede has dirty marks, try removing them with one of the sides of a suede brush

Experts recommend using a little crêpe rubber, or even a pencil eraser to ‘lift’ the marks from you shoes. The dirt will transfer from the suede to the rubber

Step 5: Removing mud

If your shoes get muddy, wait till the mud dries, then use a stiff brush, such as a nail brush to remove the dirt. Move with a sweeping action, and keep all your strokes in the same direction. Work all the way around the shoe, including the edges of the sole. Pay special attention to any dirt stuck in detailing.

Step 6: Wet suede

If part of the shoe gets gets wet, the water can leave a tide mark and dry a different colour. So wet the shoes all over, sponge off any excess water and insert a shoe tree to keep the shoe in shape as it dries. If you don’t have a shoe tree, stuff the toes shoes with white tissue paper, or any white paper to hold them firm.

Don’t use newspaper if your shoes are very wet, as the print may leech into the shoes

Leave the shoes to dry overnight. Then gently brush to restore the texture.

Step 7: Stains

Stains like oil and grease are almost impossible to remove.
Work into the area with a suede brush to see if that lifts the stain, treating it as you would a scuff.
If not, remove the laces, and wash the shoes with a little water and a stiff brush.

If this doesn’t work, it may be time to say goodbye to your dirty shoes

Step 8: Storing suede

When you’re not wearing your shoe, wrap them in tissue paper and put in a shoe box, heel to toe. Don’t keep them in plastic bags or airtight boxes and avoid humidity, which can make them mouldy and avoid bright light, which can discolour suede. Keep them in a dark dry place.

Insight from The Crazy Truth and Ryan Gosling in a Well-Tailored Suit

The aphorism has become a staple in modern philosophy and the tumblr The Crazy Truth continues this tradition by mashing up pithy insights on relationships with images reflecting the aphorism’s meaning. Interspersed among these ‘aphorimages’ is an advice column. While this site does target women about relationships, several of the posts are equally valuable to men, and this picture of Ryan Gosling in a suit is a perfect example:

Ryan Gosling in a Well Tailored Suit

Ryan Gosling in a Well Tailored Suit

A well-tailored suit indeed. Gentlemen, you have to wear clothes anyway so why not make them work for you.


Kingpin’s Hideaway Donates Vintage Trophies to CBC Radio for Prestigious 2012 Bucky Awards

The real, live CBC Radio 3 2012 Bucky Awards - vintage trophies provided through the generous support of Kingpin's Hideaway.

The real, live CBC Radio 3 2012 Bucky Awards – vintage trophies provided through the generous support of Kingpin’s Hideaway.


In honour of the 2012 Bucky Awards being presented this week by CBC Radio 3 Kingpin’s Hideaway has graciously donated the vintage trophies being given to the winners! The Bucky Awards are CBC Radio 3’s annual celebration of the very best Canadian music of the year, as chosen by their listeners.


The trophies even have there own gallery on the CBC Radio website. Here are a sample:


The 2012 Rookie of the Year


Creepy baby award presented to The 2012 Rookie of the Year

Creepy baby award presented to our rookie of the year.


The #socialbutterfly Bucky for 2012


the #socialbutterfly Bucky for 2012

the #socialbutterfly Bucky for 2012


The Bucky for Best Reason to Buy a Concert Ticket


The Bucky for Best Reason to Buy a Concert Ticket

The Bucky for Best Reason to Buy a Concert Ticket


You can listen the live broadcast of the Bucky Awards Gala here.


Bucky Crest

Bucky Crest (Photo credit: CBC Radio 3)