Behind the Scenes – Kingpin at ACF Magazine Fashion Shoot, Toronto

This past week the Kingpin as happy to lend his clothing and styling to the male model on the ACF (Amazing Canadian Fashion) Magazine fashion shoot. The shoot was staged at the restaurant House of Moments in Toronto, Ontario. Here are some shots from behind the scenes. I can’t wit to share the finished photographs withContinue reading “Behind the Scenes – Kingpin at ACF Magazine Fashion Shoot, Toronto”

Kingpin’s Hideaway at the Next Electro Swing Club

Kingpin’s Hideaway and Cabaret Vintage  are both pleased to host the Velvet Parlour at this month’s edition of Electro Swing Club at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel. This Friday, August 17th, the Velvet Parlour will feature our curated vintage fashion in a photo booth experience; featuring many original and designer pieces from our current collection. Linger inContinue reading “Kingpin’s Hideaway at the Next Electro Swing Club”

Television Program of Note – Downton Abbey

From the BBC comes a well written and well costumed drama series, Downton Abbey. Set in post-Edwardian England, the television series follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants during the reign of King George V. The main male characters exhibit all the sense of style expected from an Englishman in theContinue reading “Television Program of Note – Downton Abbey”