The Shirt 101 – The Basics and How to Measure Yours

The base of every gentleman’s outfit is his shirt. They may be made of cotton, linen, silk, wool, or other textiles. A shirt maybe worn for casual pursuits or the most formal ones. The basic shirt is comprised of the collar, sleeves, cuffs and yoke. The yoke and the sleeves have plackets to help withContinue reading “The Shirt 101 – The Basics and How to Measure Yours”

Gentlemen’s Cravats – The Bow Tie: A Brief History

The innovation of the cravat allowed for it to develop into several variations of gentlemens neck ties that became distinct types of cravats over time. One of the most familiar is the bow tie. This stylized cravat has come to define a gentleman in every aspect and is, perhaps, the single piece of apparel thatContinue reading “Gentlemen’s Cravats – The Bow Tie: A Brief History”

Gentlemen’s Cravats – A Brief History

Before the modern necktie there was a period in mens fashion where we wore ruffs around our collars. These were all the fashion for men (and women) of distinction from the mid-sixteenth century to the mid-seventeenth century. It took introducing a neck cloth used by Croatian soldiers to get us to where we are today.Continue reading “Gentlemen’s Cravats – A Brief History”

Collars – Not Just for Hiding Bite Marks

This shot of a gent in a club collar from the Sartorialist demonstrates how the cut of a collar can project an entirely different presence for a gentleman. the simple choice of a different collar can breath new life into a gentleman’s wardrobe. Related articles Do You Guys Even Know What Kind of Collar YourContinue reading “Collars – Not Just for Hiding Bite Marks”