Edwardian Sterling Silver Pill Locket / Fob / Box – 1916

view full image This item is an Edwardian sterling silver pill-box / fob / locket made in Birmingham, England in 1916. The silver hallmarks are clean and easy to read. They show the company Crisford & Norris made the item. This is just the kind of pill-box that would be found in Downton Abbey.

Shoes 201 – Shoe Care – Suede Shoes

This is an excellent video and article by videojug about the proper care, cleaning and revival of suede leather shoes. Peter Schweiger,  the 5th generation owner of the British bespoke shoemakers James Taylor & Son, , demonstrates the techniques. How To Clean Suede Shoes Step 1: You will need: 1 suede protector spray 1 suedeContinue reading “Shoes 201 – Shoe Care – Suede Shoes”

The Suit 101 – Blazer, Jacket, Tunic, and Coat Explained

It is clear why confusion plagues so many men about how they should dress when the basic nomenclature employed is consistently misused and abused. The terms ‘jacket’, ‘coat’, and ‘blazer‘ are often used interchangeably. While I enjoy the casual nature of modern life and the greater equality it affords us this laziness in language reducesContinue reading “The Suit 101 – Blazer, Jacket, Tunic, and Coat Explained”

Victrolacore Breaks into the Mainstream – Mr. B. the Gentleman Rhymer with Zoe Ball

Moving into mainstream consciousness is never a gentleman’s motivation, yet it is often a result of a gentleman’s actions. So a resounding ‘Hazzah!’ for Mr. B. The Gentleman Rhymer, chap hop innovator and victrolacore artiste, on his recent appearance at the Latitude Festival and performing on television for the beautiful and talented presenter Zoe Ball.Continue reading “Victrolacore Breaks into the Mainstream – Mr. B. the Gentleman Rhymer with Zoe Ball”

Kingpin’s Hideaway and All the Queen’s Men – Toronto Star Review

The Toronto Star honoured Kingpin’s Hideaway this past week by being included among the august body of upscale menswear stores found in the West Queen West  art and design district in Toronto, Ontario. The article, by Derick Chetty, outlined the rise and concentration of British-styled menswear shops, “It’s unlike any other city I’ve been –Continue reading “Kingpin’s Hideaway and All the Queen’s Men – Toronto Star Review”