Fitzgerald, DiCaprio and Luhrmann – The Great Gatsby is Coming! (In 3D!!)

Help Kingpin be named the sharpest man in Canada by voting here!! Few film events excite the sartorially inclined for reasons solely of style and clothing. But when they do… Bammo! The buzz about Baz Luhrmann‘s 3D film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s The Great Gatsby has been steadily growing among the dandy set sinceContinue reading “Fitzgerald, DiCaprio and Luhrmann – The Great Gatsby is Coming! (In 3D!!)”

Why T-shirts Are the Slippery Edge of the Slope For a Gentleman

It  is a common site on the streets, in the cafe, nightclubs, banks, and even weddings and funerals to see men dressed in a T-shirt as their only uppermost garb. Time was that you only saw a man in his T-shirt when he had removed his actual shirt to do some heavy labour or inContinue reading “Why T-shirts Are the Slippery Edge of the Slope For a Gentleman”

Gentlemens Boots – The Paddock

In keeping with my series on gentlemens boots I present to you the Paddock! Horse riders of the nineteenth century needed something less cumbersome than the standard riding boot. Bookmakers responded to this need by developing the lace-up Paddock boot.  As the name indicates, this lace up ankle-height leather boot was ideal for Victorian gentlemenContinue reading “Gentlemens Boots – The Paddock”

Victrolacore – Satirical Music for the Sartorial Gentleman

A musical phenomenon of interest to the Kingpin gentleman is one that is emerging from genres being called ‘chap hop‘, ‘modern burlesque’, ‘steampunk‘, even ‘industrial hip-hop opera‘ all of which I put under the broader category of what I have termed Victrolacore. You heard it here first! The key elements of this branch of theContinue reading “Victrolacore – Satirical Music for the Sartorial Gentleman”

Style Watch – Late Night French Cuffs

I have friends that have many excuses for not wearing proper shirts, let alone ones with French cuffs. This style of cuff is the one that lets you choose the style of cuff links that demonstrate you are a gentleman to those around you. Oh, you say, that’s not cool. Really. I guess you’re tooContinue reading “Style Watch – Late Night French Cuffs”