Kingpin’s Hideaway Ladypin Pin Up for July – Ms. Bridgette Jean!

The next in our series of pin ups in tribute to Alberto Vargas we present July’s Kingpin’s Hideaway’s Ladypin Pin up – Bridgette Jean!

Ms July Ladypin Pin Up for Kingpin's Hideaway

“Darling, it’s too big to stick that in my pipe…”

Ms. July is clad in vintage velvet, wearing a mid-century oxblood velvet smoking cap and a Victorian oxblood velvet smoking jacket. She is holding a vintage briar bowl pipe with bakelite stem. Needless to say, Bridgette is smokin’.

Ms. June now graces the Kingpin’s Hideaway Queen Street West window display.

Photograph by Jennifer Toole – Hair by Amber Fairlie – Make-up by Bronwen Weiderick


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