Kingpin’s Lady Pins – Inaugural Pin Up Pastel Supernova as Carmen

Burlesque Dancer Pastel Supernova as Carmen in Vargas Style Pin Up

“They say they’re rolled on the thighs of virgins but I can assure you that isn’t true.”

Burlesque dancer Pastel Supernova as Carmen in Vargas Style Pin Up.

Welcome to the first in a continuing series of Vargas inspired pin ups produced by Kingpin’s Hideaway. Pastel Supernova graces us with her rendition of the wild and cigar-smoking Carmen. She also has on display a gorgeous silk crêpe piano shawl in deep royal purple with a wide border of silk velvet.

The piano shawl was made by the defunct J.H. & C.K. Silk Mill of Shamokin, Pennsylvania, pre-1930 and features an early Art Nouveau batik.

This series is built on the structure of the Vargas Pin Up crafted by Peruvian artist Alberto Vargas.  Vargas developed his distinct style throughout the 20th century with his work for film posters and Esquire and Playboy magazines.
Pastel was photographed on location at Kingpin’s Hideaway by Jennifer Toole.



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