Kingpin’s Hideaway at the Next Electro Swing Club

Kingpin’s Hideaway and Cabaret Vintage  are both pleased to host the Velvet Parlour at this month’s edition of Electro Swing Club at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel.

This Friday, August 17th, the Velvet Parlour will feature our curated vintage fashion in a photo booth experience; featuring many original and designer pieces from our current collection. Linger in the Velvet Parlour and perhaps pose in our vintage photography booth. Find out… What kind of man wears Kingpin?

Define your style this Friday in clothing from designers including Hugo Boss, Yves St. Laurent and Alexander McQueen and make your mark on the world.

Electro Swing Club is a monthly dance party fusing traditional swing with modern electronic beats à la Victrolacore! Friday evening will feature DeeJays, live acts, visuals, burlesque and a 1920s – 40s dress code.

TICKETS to Electro Swing Club will be available for $20 at the door or $15 if dressed in
vintage attire.

Published by The Kingpin

Kingpin's Hideaway is a gentlemens outfitter specializing in designer and vintage clothing and accessories. Getting men to dress like grownups since 1986. Kingpin Chic is gentlemenswear. With balls.

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