Gentlemens Boots – The Jodhpur

Every gentleman should own at least one pair of short boots. Both sole and upper should be made of leather in . They should reflect his ability as a man of action when required and as a man of substance regardless. With this in mind, examine the Jodhpur boot.

Bespoke Jodhpur Boot by James Taylor & Son, UK
Bespoke Jodhpur Boot by James Taylor & Son, UK

I am going to make a clear distinction between the Jodhpur and both the paddock and Chelsea boots, and we’ll examine them both at another time, as they are also both fit to occupy a gentleman’s footwear wardrobe.

The Jodhpur boot is descended from the earlier forms of riding boots, and has evolved into stylish footwear. The Jodhpur is a low, ankle boot with a strap and buckle fastener. When selecting your Jodhpur I implore you to abstain from any that contain a zipper down the inside. While the zipper makes the boot easy to put on and remove it also cheapens its appearance and makes the strap and buckle a mere ornament.  A gentleman should always be mindful of elements of his dress that contain only ornamentation and have no purpose lest he slip into foppishness.

A Pair of Black Calevo Jodhpur Boots
A Pair of Black Calevo Jodhpur Boots

The Jodhpur boot is perfect for formal dress and casual, and most suited to events outdoors. I find them very fit for driving manual vehicles, especially convertibles, and for active social engagements. Adding a pair of Jodhpurs to your outfit lets you move from one activity to another without having to change your footwear. Think of them as a gentleman’s cross trainers.

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