Gentlemen’s Fabrics 101 – Why Natural Fibres, You Ask?

Giorgio Armani Navy Wool Suit

Giorgio Armani Navy Wool Suit

A gentleman should make ever effort to banish man-made fibres from his wardrobe. Besides the higher carbon footprint artificial fabrics create and that they bolster the dependence on fossil fuels (for that is where they come from) they simply do not let your skin breathe. They promote healthier skin and, perhaps most important, they keep you cooler and from sweating morbidly.

Burberry Silk Tie

Burberry Silk Tie

The gentleman’s goal with style is achieving nonchalance; being cool. Not giving way to heat literally helps you stay, and be, cool.

John W. Nordstrom Flat Front Linen Trousers

John W. Nordstrom Flat Front Linen Trousers

Garb yourself with natural fibres; cotton, wool, silk, linen and even felt and hemp. They hang better and they feel better. Period. There are, of course, environmental issues with natural fibres as well, and we’ll examine each specific fibre’s impact in future in-depth posts. There are also some fantastic designer uniques bound in the materials of their day, such as skinny 50s ties made of acetate and for these there is a qualified  exception. For now, please turn your  thoughts towards beginning to  build a proper gentleman’s wardrobe this Spring using only natural fibres. Your skin thanks you for it!

Egyptian Cotton Shirt

Egyptian Cotton Dress Shirt


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